Apple Safari Installation in Ubuntu

Firstly install PlayOnLinux, which allow easy installation of Safari in Ubuntu.
PlayOnLinux also enables the easy installation of several games and application designed to run with Microsoft Windows.


Start PlayOnLinux
Start PlayOnLinux in the shell console and follow start up the instructions

Install Safari from inside PlayOnLinux
Select Button [+ Install] -> [Internet] -> [Safari] to install Apple Safari


  • The browser installation usually takes a couple of minutes because PlayOnLinux also has to download Safari.
  • The browser installation often hangs again and again! Just cancel and restart the installation from PlayOnLinux. Try, try again.
    You may have to restart 3-4 times until the final steps work without hanging.
  • The installed Safari browser can only be launched from inside PlayOnLinux through the menu.

Alternative Installation of Safari using Wine


1. Apple Safari Home:
2. Guide:
3. Play-On-Linux:
4. Manual Download of PlayOnLinux:

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