beanstalkc is a c-based python client library for beanstalkd.

Installation using PIP Installer

The library and dependencies can be easily install using the pip installer

Installation directly from Github

This can useful if the pip installed library is too old and
required new functionality/bug fixes are already in the github source repository.


1. Error PyYAML

Cause: missing PyYAML libraries
Fix: install using pip: sudo pip install PyYAML

2. OUT_OF_MEMORY Exception

Fix: check the setting for the maximum binary log size
In my case, it was: ‘binlog-max-size’: 10485760
=> which is 10485760/(1024*1024)= 10MB

The binlog size is defined by the “-s” startup parameter.
See: man beanstalkd

The “-s” can also be added as a startup parameter in /etc/default/beanstalkd


Mini Benchmark

With 1 Million records …


1. beanstalkd home:
2. beanstalkc pip home:
3. beanstalkc tutorial:
4. beanstalkc reference:

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