The following companies offer virtual servers on transparent, lean and competitive prices.
Additionally all their offers are easily cancellable monthly via online interface 🙂, 7,99 EUR, 2Core, 6GB, 500GB HDD,, 7,99 EUR, 2Core, 6GB, 120GB HDD, 6,50 EUR, 4Core, 2GB, 250GB HDD, 6,40 EUR, 3Core, 2GB, 100GB HDD, 9,51 EUR, 4Core, 2GB, 50GB HDD,


These servers aren’t recommendable for high traffic and production websites, due to:
– no backups (fix: buy extra services or backup up yourself )
– no server restore (fix: buy extra services or restore servers yourself )
– traffic get throttled, in case of high traffic (fix: use dedicated server or a CDN in front )
– am unsure about real world disk-IO and network speeds (fix: just test yourself )

Based on the offer conditions, these servers are however awesome for testing purposes.


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