PyGeoIP is a pure python GeoIP API based on MaxMind’s C-based Python API.
The python implementation is ported from the PHP GeoIP API written by Jim Winstead and Hans Lellelid.

Option 1: Installation using PIP

Option 2: Download and Install from Github repository

An alternative to pip is to download the code from github and then run the installation script.

Option 3: MaxMind – libGeoIP Python Library

MaxMind also offers a Python library that links against the libGeoIP C library.

Prepare Test


1. MaxMind Home:
2. MaxMind GeoIP Database Download:
3. MaxMind Python Library:
4. PyGeoIP Installation:
5. PyGeoIP Usage Guide:
6. Python GeoIP (python-geoip) Cities Tutorial:
7. GeoIP Country City Python Tutorial:
9. Easy IP-to-country lookup in Python:

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