Simple Conversion of FLV to MP4 using FFMPEG

ffmpeg chews the input buffers – use -nostdin flag to fix it

Convert FLV to MP4 through container copy

– only works if video content is H264 and audio AAC or MP3

Transcode FLV to MP4

Re-encode Audio

# Copy Directory FLV TO MP4 – Version 1

Copy Directory FLV TO MP4 – Version 2

I found this:

It says you want particular prefixes for the Android, something like:

My ffmpeg didn’t want -aspect 3:2 and you can omit it.

Convert directory tree from FLV to mp4

convert FLV files in tree to mp4 – preserve already existing files and MP4

convert directory tree from AVI,FLV to mp4

-regextype posix-extended -iregex “.*.txt|.*.mp4”

Remove FLV.MP4 double extensions



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